Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quite a young lady

This is Leydi, pronounced Lay-di, modelling her latest design - hoop earrings made from the plastic rings left over after you unscrew the cap of a bottle of juice. Leydi likes to come after school with her friend Yorling. For them it is an after-school activity, probably the first organized extra-curricular they have ever had.

One recent day Leydi told me she wanted to bring her doll to the next class. I thought she meant a barbie or rag doll. The next class she proudly presented me a doll she made with bottle caps and wire, complete with a snakeskin dress! She took home a bag of materials to play with over the weekend, so don´t be surprised if you see LeydiDolls online soon.

Leydi´s mother, who works with me, said the only way she can keep all her children in school is with the help of a US priest who buys their uniforms, books and school supplies. The government doesn´t provide these and children are not allowed to attend school without a uniform and shoes. The extra money Leydi may make by selling jewelry (or dolls!) will help confirm her belief that she doesn't have to work in the garbage when she grows up.

more fancy earrings

San Miguel, from our trip to Spain this year.

Stella Artois

Good old Michelob gets a makeover

The letter H, decorated

Any thoughts on putting beads on the bottlecap faces? Like it? No? Feedback welcome and very appreciated!

Soda pop

Coke with piercing - a twist on a classic

Fresca with double piercing

The women and girls of Nicology came up with the idea of adorning the faces of the bottle caps. What do you think? Thank you for feedback!

Nicology... because no one is disposable

Friday, October 10, 2008

Necklaces - Collares

Triple cap flat Magic Hat
Triple cap limited edition Zaragoza Expo 2008 caps

Single strand, single cap, stiff wire
Una tapa, alambre

Bracelets - Pulseras

Triple strand

triple strand with flat cap

chain link flat