Thursday, October 30, 2008

graphic cascade

This necklace uses caps from a small town in Bavaria, mixed with graphics from a Spanish design magazine.

Make an impression!

If I wear one of these out on a Saturday night people can't stop looking at my chest...for the stunning necklace, of course!

Cute little critters

OK, so this is some of the magic that comes from whimsy. Is it a latter day teletubbie?

2 in 1 bracelets

The graphics on the back side of these caps come from Patadeperro, Managua´s cultural activities magazine. The name means dog foot, and if you like to go out a lot you have pata de perro. A little Nica cultcha for ya.

Pendant-style necklaces

These are two-in-one necklaces, created either by putting 2 caps back to back or by inlaying an image in the back of the cap. Here we have the Jack of Hearts....