Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nicology in action

This fence, made with a car hood, pieces of oil drums, bits of corrugated siding, and who knows what else, is beautiful. I can imagine thise fence in an urban art gallery with a contemporary art-speak analysis as to how it represents a meta-analysis of the semiotics of the fallacies of post-industrial illusions harbored by the global elite, and concretizes the unrealized collective imaginings of the cybergeneration´s links to its materials past. Or something like that.

So this is me, in case you didn´t know. Leydi was into the necklace she was making and didn´t look up.


We are starting to create our own designs to display in the bottle caps, based on photos of objects transformed. Celena had painted a series of hearts with wings on the scrap metal back fence of her family´s house, and it seems a fitting symbol for how their will to thrive persists.